Name:Andy Messner
Age: 37
Location:Coquitlam, BC
How did you get started sledding?
My dad and his good friend Jack Barnett found me a kitty Kat sled for my 2nd birthday and that was the start. Where I grew up in 100 Mile House there was a large snowmobile community and a very active snowbile community that built trails and hosted snow cross races so we all pitched in and it was big part of lives. I'm thankful to grow up and such a strong snowmobile community.

What's your favorite thing about snowmobiling?
My favorite thing about snowmobiling is the freedom I get when on the mountains. I can go anywhere and can do anything I want in the mountains. That is the ultimate freedom for me.

Any advice for new riders?
My advice to new riders is to make sure you are prepared for any situation when travelling in the back country. Get the training, get the gear and make sure you have a crew of riders that you can trust your life with.

Favorite food: 
My favorite food is anything that grows in my garden. I can never get enough of the fresh produce that grows in my backyard.

Favorite quote:
"Not all those who wander are lost." J. R. R. Tolkein