Name:Riley Suhan
Location:Golden, BC
How did you get started sledding?
I was introduced to sledding very shortly after I was born by my parents taking me out on their sleds riding around Golden! I haven’t missed a winter on a sled and I don’t plan on letting that streak run out any time soon

What's your favorite thing about snowmobiling?
My favourite thing about snowmobeel 🤘🏻 ing is simply the freedom it can create. Whether it’s the terrain you would never be able to access on anything else that you seem to have basically to yourself or the ability to push your self to try jumps and tricks that you never thought you were able to learn as an individual. But with that soft white pow sometimes anything feels possible.

Any advice for new riders?
Have fun! Just seriously have all the fun everyday and the rest will all work out

Favorite food:
Mustard 🤤

Favorite quote:Great success 👨🏻