Name:Curtis Gage
Location:Surrey, BC
How did you get started sledding?
Bought my first sleds with plans to have it as sled access to ski in the backcountry, as soon as i started to learn how to ride. I realized i enjoyed being on a sled alot more then on skis.
What's your favorite thing about snowmobiling?
It's hard to pick one thing as my favourite, but breaking trail into your favourite zone on a blue bird day is pretty hard to beat.
Any advice for new riders?
As a new rider, first off take the time to educate your self on backcountry saftey, and how to handle different situations, like avalaches or getting stuck over night, after that find the right riding partners that you can rely on and also push you to progress, the possibilities
are endless out there and if you have the right crew to watch your back and push your riding it will make for a wicked time.
Favorite food:
Favorite quote
“Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret”